Meet The Plumber

mike-PNG-211x300Hi there! I’m Mike the plumber. I specialise in hot water services and gasfitting.

I have secured good relationships with suppliers and perform all work myself. Instead of a factory I work out of my trusty ute. These things combine to create an affordable and top quality service for you.

Our business model is to have low overheads and work in the specific area of gas hot water installation to reduce price and win work. The age of the smart phone and customers sending me photos of their old hot water services has reduced the need to attend dwellings for quotes in many instances.

We think happy customers are good customers. Happy customers write nice reviews on our website and pass our name on to friends and family. I conduct my business ethically and believe in a win win scenario for myself and my customers in all circumstances.

the uteWe aim to be upfront in our pricing and list our units and prices on our website. We don’t add extras and there are no surprises revealed at the last minute. Hidden costs and extras make people angry and bad news travels fast. I would rather not do the work than have a customer feel slighted by me.

Occasionally problems arise. Usually this is because the previous unit was installed in an illegal manner or a pre-existing gas leak is found on initial inspection of the dwelling. Whatever is wrong, I can fix it. I can’t leave existing leaks or install units in illegal locations or I believe that the Victorian Building Authority would remove my licence after fining me.

If anything unusual does pop up you will know in the first half an hour of me being there. We have a long standing policy that if you’re unhappy, we load the tools back on the ute, shake hands and head off into the sunset, all at no charge. This has not happened since we started our business in 2011.

mike-2-PNG-232x300We do not let apprentices loose on your house and every bit of work will be carried out by a licenced gas and water plumber (me). I am not an employee and the job I do on Monday morning is just as important to me as the one I do on Friday evening. I check every nut be it gas or water and I sleep like a baby at night. If a plumber ever enters your house ask to see his licence. Gas does funny things when funny people touch it and you don’t want that going on in your house. I have insurance, a licence and only eat what my reputation affords me.

I am also very flexible in performing work when you need it done. I understand that most of my customers have day jobs and need me to come around when they are home from work or during the weekend. I don’t charge extra fees in these instances.

I do not offer other services such as drainage, renovations, blocked sinks etc, although I’m always happy to give advice and perhaps fix a thing or two if I’m in a customer’s home anyway.

I am extremely passionate about gas fitting and enjoy getting hot water running again so my sometimes smelly customers can bathe again.


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Call 0439 229 938 anytime.

If Mike doesn’t answer and you don’t have a blocked number, he will call you back. Picture messages illustrating your hot water service or gasfitting problem are also very helpful. Send them to the phone number above.

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