Hot Water Services

Mike the plumber can help you with:

  • broken hot water services;
  • replacing an old hot water service; and
  • installing a brand new hot water service.

Mike is qualified in gas appliance servicing and can bring your dead unit back to life.

Prices start at $200 + materials. This price includes the first two hours of labour. Call him to discuss.


We can install any gas hot water service you want. Some of our best models are below.

Prices quoted are for a straightforward changeover (replacing old model with the same model) which includes:

  • labour
  • materials
  • free certificate of compliance
  • free removal of your old hot water service
Aquamax 390 Gas Hot Water System
We believe this is the best gas hot water system on the market – excellent bang for your buck
  • 5 star energy rating
  • Capacity 155L, first hour 390L
  • External unit
  • 10 year cylinder warranty
  • Due to a unique mixing valve it delivers hot water similar to an instantaneous unit for two thirds of the price.
  • Add $100 extra if the previous model installed at your home is not this model

Rinnai instantaneous B26
These bad boys are the Rolls Royce of the hot water services on offer – for a bit extra you get way more

  • You will never run out of water – 26 litres of water at 55 degrees per minute until you turn the tap off
  • Five star energy efficiency rating
  • Ideal for households of any number
  • 12 year heat exchanger warranty
  • We can also install an Infinity model which includes all of the above plus a temperature controller – straight forward changeover starting at $1589
  • Call Mike to discuss if you are changing over from a different model of hot water service – this will incur a higher price than a straight forward changeover

Vulcan-Freeloader-135l-300x146 PNGVulcan Hot Shot
Reliable and affordable, the Vulcan Hot Shot is the house wine of hot water

  • Four star energy efficiency rating
  • Capacity is 113L at 45 degrees per hour
  • Ideal for a 2 to 4 person household
  • 5 year cylinder warranty
  • Add $100 extra if the previous model installed at your home is not this model
Dux Prodigy Gas Hot Water System
Very common and inexpensive, the Dux Prodigy is ideal for a family on a budget

  • External unit
  • Capacity 135L, first hour 270L
  • 4 star energy rating
  • Ideal for a three or four person household
  • 10 year tank warranty
  • Add $100 extra if the previous model installed at your home is not this model
We can also currently install Vulcan Freeloaders, a similar model, for $1200.


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